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These handrails are great. I’m

These handrails are great. I’m 70 years old and my son and brother in law installed them at my front and back door a few years ago. I don’t know what I would do without them.
I needed a handrail on the stairs going up to an upstairs apartment in my 110 year old barn.
Believe it or not my 17 year old great-nephew and I did it. I needed his muscle to lift the handrail in place to check to see if it was level and hold it while I drilled the holes. We did have to use washers to level it perfect.
Thank you for a superb product that even a 70 year old grandma can install with the help of a little muscle from her great-nephew.

Mary Rollings

Turning 72 very soon. Have

Turning 72 very soon. Have health issues cannot do steps very and had falls. I have lots of friends who kept saying “ you need rails”. So finally gave in. I ordered them got here very quickly. My husband and a good friend put them up. Boy what a difference rails make. Best thing we did. So we’ll made. Had everything we needed except drill. Thanks Joe

Lorraine Hubiak

Stairs are now safe to

Stairs are now safe to use. I have been procrastinating for a long time because I thought it would be difficult. I was very surprised how easy the installation was. The kit contained everything I needed for installation which took all the guesswork out of it.
Great product at reasonable price.

Larry Snowden

I am very pleased

I am very pleased with my purchase from D.I.Y. Handrail. Joe provides excellent service and an excellent product.
I was in need of replacement handrails and I’m so happy that I found D.I.Y. Handrail on the internet. Highly recommend!

Betty Ann B

Betty Ann B

Don’t hesitate, just buy it!

Don’t hesitate, just buy it! This is the third railing I have purchased and am extremely pleased with the quality and how easy they are to install.

Robert Powers

very heavy duty and looks great

We needed a handrail for the side door into my Father-in-law’s home. The Fortin Ironworks handrail was very heavy duty and looks great.

Jeff Swierczek

My mother needed a handrail

My mother needed a handrail on the front porch. Fortin Ironworks was reasonably priced, easy to install, and very sturdy.

Steve Grassmuck

Love the look. Very sturdy,

Love the look. Very sturdy, well made.
Needed to buy a few more drill bits for the hard concrete but other than that installation went well. I installed on the out side of the steps, to get maximum width which I am very glad I did.

Jan VandeMerwe

A well designed, well made

A well designed, well made railing that was a breeze to install. Joe was very helpful in providing a drawing to show how the rail would look on the steps to our patio. I’ve already had one person ask for photos & contact info to do a rail project at their home. Easy ordering process & Joe helped with an issue with the carrier to get the item to us. Thanks!

John Kosticak

I needed a rail…

I needed a rail to qualify for my home insurance plan. My neighbor recommended a cheap fix by way of black pipe used for industrial uses. I opted for something that was more appealing and could be a permanent solution, hence, I discovered Fortin Ironworks. They were easy to install and look great. Showed them to the insurance agent and instantly was granted a new policy.

Dennis Rome

I purchased one of these

I purchased one of these rails for an elderly neighbor who had a handyman install a cheap metal kit from one of the big box stores. It had rusted out and I was afraid she would fall if she accidentally leaned against it. The rail was very easy to install. I followed the directions and took me less than an hour. Very strong and sturdy. I am ordering another one for her since she wants one on the other side of the step. Hint- If drilling into concrete, rent or borrow a hammer drill. Saves a lot of time and effort.

Robert Powers

oh so sturdy

I ordered my wall handrail from Joe, and I am very pleased with my order. I am in NY and my order came and my rail was package properly and was not damaged. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is looking to do a DIY project. By the way I forgot to mention my handrail is oh so sturdy.


Our parish needed a rail

Our parish needed a rail to assist our aging pastor move safely around the church’s altar. From my first conversation the Fortin Ironworks rep to the ease of installation, the DIY handrail was a perfect solution. We’ll be needing more before long. Thank you!

Mike Hanna

Extremely Satisfied! Joe could not

Extremely Satisfied! Joe could not have been more helpful from beginning to the end of the process. It was a pleasure from the mock up to final installation. The railing is beautiful and sturdy. I couldn’t be more pleased.


Completely Satisfied

I live in a 55 plus community and my front porch steps had no handrails. After some extensive research and talking with several contractors I found DIY Handrail online. Joe made it so easy to order and even gave me a rendering for my HOA approval process. Since I am elderly I hired a handyman to install them and he said it was easy and asked me for DIY Handrail’s info. Joe is very responsive and does everything to make sure you are completely satisfied. In my opinion you can’t go wrong if you order DIY handrails.


Joe and his customer service

Joe and his customer service is above reproach! Joe and I emailed back and forth numerous times so he could help me select the correct railings for my application. The shipping was incredibly fast…the handrails arrived far ahead of my expectations. I tell everyone that will listen about D.I.Y. Handrail. This has become my go to place for future purchases. I have a patio, stairs out to the garage and possible will replace the handrails inside going to my lower level. This company and Joe are absolutely the best!


I am extremely satisfied with

I am extremely satisfied with all aspects of the experience! Pre-purchase communication (mock-up, questions and answers) with Joe was extremely helpful. My two, #4 Pickets arrived in 2 days as advertised and in excellent condition. All hardware was furnished including the anchors, drill bit and socket that fit the anchors. (I changed to 5/16″x3″ Tapcon Concrete anchors and found landing the anchors much easier that those provided.) The railings were very easy to install although for the novice, your instructions might want to specifically tell people to clean the dust from the holes before trying to insert the anchors. The railings are very sturdy! If they ever begin to move over time, I’ll re-drill the holes and add epoxy but I really don’t expect to have to do that. The price was right and the railings look fantastic. Initially my bride wasn’t too keen on standard DIY type railings. She was looking for custom railing at a much higher price. But once installed, she is extremely pleased too! I can go on and on but will leave it there. For any DIY’er with a hammer drill, hack saw, tape measure and level, this is the way to go. You won’t regret this purchase. I’m so glad I found this product.

Joseph W.

Great Product, great company to

Great Product, great company to do business with. Very satisfied with the fit and finish of the rail kit, and the included hardware and driver. Thanks to Joe and the Customer Service Team for all the help. Will definitely be back in the future when the need arises.

Jimmy Huffman

Great installation package

Just installed the Floor-2 and Wall-4. Great installation package. They arrived a day early. Very satisfied, thanks!

Gino Castoro

We could not be more pleased

We could not be more pleased with the diy handrails we installed on our front porch steps. It was important to keep the look appropriate for a 115 year old house with recreated curved front steps and the hand rails were perfect. Joe was also very helpful in the process and we would recommend the product not only for the appearance but also for the high quality of the materials and the excellent instructions for installation.

Rich and Audrey Graham

Survived California “Campfires”

Of my 1400 sq/ft deck that was litteraly vaporized into but a shadow on the ground by the California “Campfires” only your handrails including the escutcheons survived intact! All I need do is have the powder coat re-done. Excellent product that I will be buying more of for my new home. I would add more pictures if I could but the surviving escutcheons tell the story.

William Maydole

Rails were very well made

Rails were very well made and were straight forward and versatile to install. I appreciated the wrench and drill bit, although I needed a hammer drill for the concrete

Richard L Kohlhaas

Pleasantly Surprised

My wife has been after me to have a rail added to the side porch but when I tried to contact my “rail guy” he wasn’t to be found. So I then googled iron rails and found DIY and was pleasantly surprised about options and pricing. Found the exact railing I desired, found it easy to install (with ALL hardware provided) and I now have a happy wife!

Warren Fry

Thanks again for all your help and quick responses.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the handrail.  It looks great!  Thanks again for all your help and quick responses.  Here’s a photo of my completed job.

Charles M.

We love the handrails as

We love the handrails as they look good and are very sturdy. Help a lot in the winter.

Scott Danko

Wow! Great product, installed easily,

Wow! Great product, installed easily, just as described. Read the instructions, watch the videos, and be sure to have a hammer drill (if you’re attaching to concrete). Never had a project go as smoothly as installing this railing. Looks Great.

Steve Paul

You “Da Man” !!

You “Da Man” !!  Hope these pics tell a story. Thanks, you’ve got a hell of a product and first class customer service.  See attachments:

Michael T.
“This ain’t no dress rehearsal”

Michael T.

Solid railings. Great customer service

Solid railings. Great customer service

Tom Herzog

A real Christmas present to ourselves

Hello Joe, it is about time I thanked you for the help and the excellent product. Our contractor puts all the rails in while we were traveling last December. It was a delight to see them when we got home. A real Christmas present to ourselves. He said how impressed he was with the quality of the iron work and how good they looked. We are extremely pleased. Regards, John & Jenny

John & Jenny

I ordered a DIY handrail

I ordered a DIY handrail late Spting 2018. It came in short irder, bit I had to wait for a dry day yo install it. A friend held it in place while I took a plumb, and measured hiw muvh i needed to cut the lower leg. I cut it located where I wanted it, drilling the needed holes to suit. I installed the stancions, prepped the verticals and tapped it into place with a rubber mallet. All told I was done on under 1 1/2 hours. It looks grest, and functions quit nicely. When I posted pix on Facebook, I hot many positive responses, quite a few wanting to know where I purchased it.

Joe Weaver

I am more than pleased

I am more than pleased with my two
DIY handrails. They arrived quickly, they are a quality product, they were easy to install. The price was most reasonable for the high quality. Mine have been installed for one year and I expect to get many more years of use from them. Additionally, they satisfy the requirement of our home insurance company for a hand rail on the steps. The purchase of the DIY handrails is a WIN for my family. Thank you for making such a product available. Would you consider adding quality window boxes of cast iron?

Christine Mooney

We LOVE our DIY handrail!

We LOVE our DIY handrail! We’re both getting a little older (and have older friends) and just needed to feel safer on the front steps. It’s a great product!

Dave Lambert

Just happened to find DIY

Just happened to find DIY on internet. Contacted Joe and explained that I recently had hip surgery and needed stair rails ASAP. He had them delivered within days. They work beautifully. Great customer service.

Mary Lowry

We have an arch handrail

We have an arch handrail which has been great, but we lost an escutcheon at the base. Joe’s customer service was superb…he not only advised us the part has since been replaced with something better, but sent us replacements free of charge. Excellent!

Richard Singer

The railing is perfect and

The railing is perfect and Joe was a tremendous help throughout the purchase and installation process. We are delighted with the end result. Thanks, Bob

Robert F. Long, Jr.

Joe’s customer service was exemplary

Joe’s customer service was exemplary from prior to the sale and answering follow-on questions. Highly recommended.

Mark Meany

We just installed our railing.

We just installed our railing. Absolutely LOVE it. The welding was very well done. Easy to install. It was difficult drilling through aggregate though. Had to purchase another drill bit. Will definitely recommend to others!!


Very Impressed

I’m very impressed with the very high quality of your railing. The design of the Arch 3 was perfect for my use. I’ve installed it and it looks terrific. It’s sturdy and rust proof with the stainless steel base plate. The flawless finish and precision of your pieces is impressive.

Ed Kahl

Piece of cake! Very solid.

Piece of cake!  Very solid.  Looks great.
Ken M.
Ken M.

We support Made in America

I am glad I found your product on internet . And I think my contractor will recommend it to others.  All the crew liked it. And we support Made in America.

everything worked as planned

This was the only supplier I found that could provide the two handrail types I needed in matching design styles.
My wife is paralyzed on left side, so she needs the rail support on the right when going up and down the new larger steps I installed.
Thankful for Joe’s input on the Arch Rail size, everything worked as planned.
Nigel W

Nigel Why

Awesome Railing

Wanted to than you very much for the awesome railing. We purchased two of them and they are great. Here are a couple of pictures for your reference. 

Don and Gloria

Great handrail, thanks!

Just wanted to say thanks for such a great handrail. We have been looking for 5 years to find a solid handrail. Found your website last week and found just what we were looking for. Ordered it on Thursday, received it on Monday and installed it on Tuesday. Perfect fit, I didn’t even have to cut it, perfectly plumb out of the box.  Had it done in 30 minutes and we couldn’t be happier.

Thanks for providing such a great product at a good price.

Steve D

Steve D

Quality of materials and workmanship are outstanding

The website is well organized and easy to get information and order.
The handrail (Arch #2 in my case) are very well designed.
The instructions are clear and easy to follow.
And the quality of materials and workmanship are outstanding.
In addition, Joe’s customer service is beyond reproach.

Claude Mehnert

One of the most efficient companies I have ever dealt with

Fortin Ironworks is one of the most efficient companies I have ever dealt with. Their service is fast and the stair hand rail I bought perfectly meets my needs and was so easy to install.

And Joe VanGundy gets a gold star from me for fast and efficient service when I needed to order a replacement part. He’s just the best!

William Thrasher

Easy install. Good looking.

Thanks Joe. Hand rails worked out great. Easy install. Good looking. Just one thing. Suggest you adopt tungsten tipped drills. The hardened steel tipped drills are useless. Otherwise perfect. Thanks again. Charlie.


They were easy to install

They were easy to install (once drilled) and worked well when doing the final leveling. Seems to be quite strong with no wobble so I hope all is well. Railings exceeded my expectations and look great! Thanks for your help!


The handrail is up and looks great!

Joe, I can’t thank you enough!

The handrail is up and looks great!
Below is the picture!
God bless!
Marilyn P

It’s everything you claimed it is!

HI Joe,

I just wanted to express how impressed I was with your product, it’s everything you claimed it is!

From the website, to the ordering, to the quick delivery, to ease of installation, to the fit and finish and of coarse the final results were magnifico !! Old school results !
I installed this railing for a gentleman who had fallen and broke his hip and needed the railing installed after his home health care visit.
He was very happy and impressed, just like me!

The escutcheons were a little tricky to install and during the process I scratched the post slightly. Seemed like they needed a little more clearance in the area of the square post’s hole opening, I couldn’t tip them apart far enough to mesh the parting lines.
Also I choose to paint the bottom of the post cuts.

Thanks again,

Jeff Etzel
Owner of Oldschool Handyman Services
Delano, MN

Jeff Etzel

Received the railing ahead of

Received the railing ahead of the promise date. Well packaged. Great instructions. Had a contractor install. Solid feel. Using to provide balance when navigating the stairs. Thanks.
Bob K

Bob K

It’s an excellent product, and I’m very pleased with it!

Here is the installation – it’s an excellent product, and I’m very pleased with it! Thank you very much for your help and responsiveness along the way.

Best regards,


Bob S

Instructions and youtube videos made it easy to do

Great product and your instructions and youtube videos made it easy to do. Picture of the installed railing attached. Thanks again. Dave G

Dave G

Looks great. Thanks for your help.

Hi Joe. Got the railings installed. Picture attached. Looks great. Thanks for your help.
Sue H


Our Mock Up


Sue H.

It installed just like your drawing

Dear Joe, I went to Home Depot and got a new hammer drill [the old one crapped out] Bosch 1/4 in. masonry drill and 5/16 tapcon bolts 2 in. Installed very nicely. What started out as a utilitarian need for a handrail turned out to be an architectural enhancement to our home. How cool is that! Will send you a photo tomorrow. P.S. It installed just like your drawing, but we spaced it 3-4 in. from the home, and think, as you said, that the base plates will be sufficient for strength. Thanks again, Peter


My parents have loved them

Handrails are great! My parents have loved them. No problems at all. The rails are on the steps leading up to the porch. Down the sidewalk there is one step on a gentle slope that they walk everyday going to the mail box or taking out the trash or visiting neighbors. I’ll try and send a picture if I can in the next few days. Thanks for responding.

Dave Randall

These will make a real difference

Hi Joe,

Thank you for the speedy delivery and a fine product. These will make a real difference as my father-in-law returns from rehab to his home this week.

Thanks again,




Thank you for sending a railing I can be proud of

The railing looks great on my front steps. I like the quality and the finished look. It was well illistrated to install. My sons installed it. Thank you for sending a raiing I can be proud of. Betty Newman

Betty Newman

Handrail purchase and install

Hi. I received and installed the handrail ordered. The quality of materials and craftsmanship are top notch! Having worked in ship building for 40 years I can really appreciate great quality! My 95 year old Dad can now safely step up to his walkway to his house!! Thanks, Greg. McGlothlin, Baltimore, Md

Greg McGlothlin