DIY Wall Handrail Installation

Here Are The Steps To Have A Quality Handrail Installed In About An Hour

Step 1

Determine your wall rail height. (typically 36”) Place a mark on the wall 32½“ (36”-3½“) up from the nose (A) of the step. Be sure to measure vertically from the nose of the first and last step.
Draw a straight line connecting the two marks.

Step 2

Locate the wall studs (B) and mark where they cross your line from step one. This is where your wall brackets will be mounted.

Step 3

Install your brackets to the wall using an appropriate anchor. Tighten the wall anchors so the brackets are still able to rotate.

Step 4

Place the handrail onto the wall brackets.
Using a high speed screw gun, run the supplied self-drilling screws through the wall bracket into the bottom of the handrail.