The railing was there for him to grab

In the years we have resided in our current home, there was never a thought that we might need a handrail to our front porch entrance. However prior to the onset of Winter, we decided to add a short DIY handrail, mainly for appearance purposes.

On Thanksgiving day, a friend arrived and began to climb the two steps to the front porch. As I opened the door to greet him, he suddenly stumbled forward and was headed for a certain head first collision with our concrete porch. Fortunately, the railing I installed a few months earlier, was there for him to grab. Without it, he had no chance to avert a serious fall.

The railing, which I found quite easy to install by myself has proven it’s worth already. Not just an attractive addition to our home, but a great value to at least one visitor so far in the first year.

Mike Reeves
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