immediately fell in love

My wife and I just had our old basement stairwell rebuilt along with a new expansive patio. We knew we were going to need a handrail for the basement steps and on the search. We are in an older part of town and like to stay true to the aesthetics and older building material so we knew we wanted wrought iron. Unfortunately there are only a couple of companies that do this local and after a few astronomical quotes and lengthy timelines we decided to hit the web. I stumbled upon this site and immediately fell in love with how the company says they operate, materials they use ect. It sounded to good to be true. I ended up ordering a 93in handrail for the basement steps and waited for the arrival. The rail shipped in like 2-3 days. The second I open the box I knew the product was made with extreme quality and craftsmanship. Power coated black finish was to perfection. My wife and I are extremely OCD to attention to detail. Now I just had to install without a snag as I do most of my own work. These guys made it so easy with the drive bits, hardware and screws they provided. (A novice DIYer can do this install) my installation was into brick and concrete. Install went off without a hitch!! To say we are pleased is an understatement!! Quality Quality
This is the only review I have ever written for a company. I am already looking around the house as to where I can find another project for this company. Pics provided

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