My adult son and daughter-in-law

My adult son and daughter-in-law purchased an older home that needed the front steps redone. We had to cut off the old wrought iron handrails and cover the old concrete with blue stone. I found DIY on line, called him for advice, and he nailed it! He shipped exactly what worked and it was easy for me to install over the new bluestone in half a day. My son and his family love the railings and their new front steps! A beautiful and quality product!

Bill Vollmer

I have nothing but great

I have nothing but great compliments on the entire process of having a handrail on my front porch. Ordering process was easy, was delivered in 2 days, and I was able to install in a very short time. It was great to have all necessary bits for installation, and the instructions to install easy to understand. We are passing your name to friends and neighbors! Thanks for having an outstanding product, sturdy, and real iron!

Richard Hoover

The railing was there for him to grab

In the years we have resided in our current home, there was never a thought that we might need a handrail to our front porch entrance. However prior to the onset of Winter, we decided to add a short DIY handrail, mainly for appearance purposes.

On Thanksgiving day, a friend arrived and began to climb the two steps to the front porch. As I opened the door to greet him, he suddenly stumbled forward and was headed for a certain head first collision with our concrete porch. Fortunately, the railing I installed a few months earlier, was there for him to grab. Without it, he had no chance to avert a serious fall.

The railing, which I found quite easy to install by myself has proven it’s worth already. Not just an attractive addition to our home, but a great value to at least one visitor so far in the first year.

Mike Reeves

Beautifully made hand rails, very

Beautifully made hand rails, very professionally finished and exactly as advertised. (I’ve seen Asian versions, which made me sick to my stomach, so I’m delighted these are so well made.)
The supports are hollow but very sturdy, and nicely heavy, nevertheless I turned them over and filled them with mason’s cement before installing them! Mine are super strong!!

Charles kirby

I need a railing from

I need a railing from my mother’s front porch. I googled it and found DIY handrails, what a blessing. They made this process so easy, I couldn’t believe it. I found the one I wanted, placed my order, it showed up in 4 Days and is exactly what she wanted. Fantastic quality, installation was simple. It came with everything I needed. I’ve never had a better experience shopping online. I would definitely recommend DIY handrails to the homeowner and anyone in property management.

Robert D

These are very well made

These are very well made handrails. They are real easy to install I would recommend renting or buying a hammer drill though. Joe was a real help in me getting the correct handrails. I definitely recommend this company

Brian Kelly

Your product was the perfect

Your product was the perfect solution to reduce the risk for myself and guests entering my backyard from the study. I had just installed pavers and covered the steps. Your handrail was easy to install and you provided excellent support for choosing the right anchors! Sturdy and attractive, the handrail fits perfectly!

Robert Hamilton

I had been looking for

I had been looking for a handrail for my inside stairway. I couldn’t find what I was looking for at the local big box store, also tried Amazon. I bought one but ended up sending it back. I then found DIY hamdrails. I found and purchased the one I liked on Tuesday morning, it arrived in 2 days. It was expertly packaged with the ends in Styrofoam wrapped in plastic so it wouldn’t come off, the middle had 3 pieces of Styrofoam so that wouldn’t get damaged in transit. Very easy to install, although it did need an impact gun to attach the handrail to the wall mounts. Luckily I had one. All in all, very easy purchase and install, would definitely recommend and buy again.

Peter W Norman

After replacing our old, slippery

After replacing our old, slippery concrete walkway, we decided to add DIY railings to complete the project. They added the perfect functional and aesthetic touch we wanted!

Gail Wagner

Highly recommend

Purchased a 24” wrought iron, wall mount hand rail. I was very pleased with the quality and weight of the product. Looked great. Shipping was fast and product was well packaged. Highly recommend.