Concrete Fastener Kit

Fastener Kit For Concrete

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Key Features

Full length threads undercut the concrete and effectively transfer loads into the base material
Specialized heat treating process creates high hardness at the tip to facilitate cutting while the body remains ductileLess spacing and edge distance required since the anchor does not exert expansion forcesNo special setting tools required, installs with regular or hammer drill, ANSI size bits and standard socketsLess installation time translates to lower installed cost


2¼” Long Concrete Screws
with ¼” masonry drill bit

For Installation Into:

  • new concrete
  • aged concrete
  • stained concrete
  • stamped concrete
  • aggregate exposed concrete
  • aggregate applied concrete
  • concrete block
  • Includes 8 Concrete Screw Anchors 5/16″ x 2¼”
  • Includes 1 Masonry Drill Bit ¼” Diameter

The self undercutting, non-expansion characteristics are ideal for situations where minimum edge distance and reduced spacing is a concern. The patented cutting teeth and thread design enable these anchors to be installed quickly and with less effort than many other screw type anchors. Since there are no secondary setting steps involved, these screw anchor can be installed much more quickly than traditional expansion anchors

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions .3125 × 2.25 in


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