Installation Instructions:

Newel Rail for Steps with Risers Greater than 7″

Video Instructions

Written Installation Instructions

Here Are The Steps To Have A Quality Handrail Installed In About An Hour

Step 1

Measure the height of only the risers your rail will span. For instance, in this illustration, only 3 risers are measured for installation of a Newel #3 rail, while the fourth riser is disregarded.

Using the chart below, if your measurements are MORE THAN the number listed for your respective rail, continue with this set of instructions. If your measurements are LESS THAN the number listed, use the LESS THAN 7 instructions.

NEWEL # 1 ……….. 7″ Risers ……….. 7″ Total Rise

NEWEL # 2 ……….. 7″ Risers ……….. 14″ Total Rise

NEWEL # 3 ……….. 7″ Risers ……….. 21″ Total Rise

NEWEL # 4 ……….. 7″ Risers ……….. 28″ Total Rise

Step 2

Insert the Post Mount Bracket into the bottom of the lower post WITHOUT SNUG STRIPS.

This will be temporary to get correct measurements.

The snug strips will be used in a later step.

Step 3

With the Post Mount Bracket inserted, dry fit the rail and top post on the steps. Place the posts at least 2” from each side of the steps.


Use a level to ensure the posts are plumb in all directions.

Step 4

It may be necessary to cut the back post before connecting the rail. Mark the post ½” up from the top of the handrail cap.

Make a cut at this mark.

The excess material can be cut any time prior to inserting the newel cap.

Step 5

Once the rail is sitting plumb in all directions, use the supplied 3/8” driver bit and your screw gun, with firm pressure, to screw the self drilling screws through the handrail mounting clips into the newel post.

The screws are self drilling and will cut into the newel post.

Step 6

Remove the dry fitted Post Mount Bracket, and locate the green snug strips (C) included in the kit. Wrap the snug strips to engage the sides of the post.

Ensure the snug strips are positioned side to side – NOT FRONT TO BACK.

Using a mallet, tap the Post Mount Bracket and snug strip into the lower post.

Step 7

Place the handrail assembly on the steps in its final location.

Verify plumb in all directions.

It is advisable to step back and look at the handrail placement to ensure it is setting in an appropriate location.

For masonry step applications, it is advisable to place the handrail a minimum of 2” from all edges.


Step 8

Make sure the posts are sitting a minimum of 2” from each side of the steps.

Using a drill fitted with the included drill bit, drill through one of the holes on the post mount.

Ensure you are drilling deep enough to accommodate the length of your fastener.

For concrete, drill 3” deep, and for brick drill 6” deep.

Step 9

Select fasteners, appropriate for your stair material.

Secure the fastener into the hole that you have just drilled. Be sure to drill one hole and secure one fastener at a time.

If the post is no longer level after fastening, place the included washers under the post mounts until a level reads plumb.

Step 10

If you have not already cut the back post in step 4, do so now, making sure to leave at least 1/2” above the rail.

Use the included touch-up paint to cover any bare metal that is exposed.

Step 11

Install the newel post cap into the upper post top by gently tapping it in with a rubber mallet.

Step 12

Install the stainless steel escutcheons over the post mount bracket plates.